Herbert W. Bateman IV
Ph.D New Testament Studies
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Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies

   Video Library: Videos for People Who Engage the Bible Regularly

  1. The Pastor's Resource Review are interviews of people about the Bible and current issues. Sometimes the interview is with people who review new resources helpful for reading and understanding the Bible. Other times the interview is with authors of books whereby they tell us about the book, why they wrote it, and how it is of value for those wanting to study the Bible.

  2. The Let's Know the Bible videos offers teaching and overviews of the Bible. While interviews are short videos to introduce books of the Bible, longer length videos offer indepth teaching on the Bible. Interviews disclose the point of the book, an overview of the book, and suggestions on how to teach or preach the book. Teaching videos are helpful sources for Sunday School teachers and small group leaders.

  3. The Conference videos are recordings of the annual "Let's Know the Bible Conference." Often the conference video offers a corresponding booklet whereby the viewer may follow along and take notes or perhaps use the video for a Sunday School or small group meeting.

  4. The CCBS Publication videos introduce CCBS authors who in turn tell about the book they authored and its value for people wanting to study the Bible.

   Publications: Books and Articles to Help Learn, Study, and Think Critically about the Bible.

  Webpage: Monthly updated home page introducing books and blog.



An Exegetical Guide for Interpreting the General Letters (2013)

Kerux Commentary on Hebrews a Commentary for Preaching Teaching (2021)Big Greek Idea Commentary on James (2022)

Big Greek Idea Commentary on John's Letters (2018)

Evangelical Exegetical Commentary on Jude (2015, 2017)