Herbert W. Bateman IV
Ph.D New Testament Studies
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Let's Know the Bible Series

Want to expand your understanding of the Bible? Do you want to understand what God is doing? The book, God’s Big Picture: An Overview of God’s Developing Story answers those two questions and more.

Herbert W. Bateman first traces God’s plan that begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. Timothy D. Sprankel then examines God’s Past Story with an overview of Genesis and 1 & 2 Samuel. Bateman surveys God’s current story in Matthew and Romans. Aaron C. Peer concludes the book with a look at God’s future story as presented in Revelation.

God’s Big Picture provides both notes and links to four corresponding videos from the 2014 Let’s Know the Bible conference. Let’s Know the Bible conferences exist to provide Bible teaching by leading Christian thinkers and local pastors for church leaders, churchgoers, and others so that people might learn more about God and the Bible and how to navigate everyday life more intentionally.   Buy on Amazon



eBooks for Translating the New Testament 

Designed as a translational guide, these books
 isolate independent and dependent clauses, provide tips for translating New Testament letters, and share exegetical explanations to assist in the translation of biblical letters. Each book divides into three parts. First, an introduction prepares the reader for translating the letters. Second, letters are divided into manageable units of thought for translation purposes while providing contextual orientation for each unit. Finally, an answer key is provided with detailed exegetical explanations about each author’s translations of the text.

Each book interacts with lexicons, grammars, and English translations in order to orient the translator to the challenges that come with translating New Testament letters. Yet the contextual orientation and clausal outlines enable the translator to trace the author’s flow of thought in a manner that will be helpful for teaching and preaching purposes.


               Current  Volumes Available

                    Buy on Amazon   Translating Ephesians Clause by Clause by Benjamin I. Simpson (Video)

Buy on Amazon   Translating Philippians Clause by Clause by Thomas S. Moore (Video)

Buy on Amazon   Translating Colossians Clause by Clause by Adam Copenhaver (Video)

Buy on Amazon   
Translating 1 Timothy Clause by Clause by Charles Martin (forthcoming 2017)

Buy on Amazon   Translating 2 Timothy Clause by Clause by Phillip A. Davis

Buy on Amazon   
Translating Titus Clause by Clause by J. Michael McKay Jr. (Video)

Buy on Amazon   Translating 1 John Clause by Clause by Herbert W. Bateman and Aaron C. Peer (Video)

Buy on Amazon   Translating 2 and 3 John Clause by Clause by Aaron C. Peer and Herbert W. Bateman IV (Video)

Buy on Amazon   Translating James Clause by Clause by William Varner (forthcoming 2017)

Buy on Amazon   Translating Jude Clause by Clause by Herbert W. Bateman IV (Video)


               Forthcoming Volumes (2018 – 2020)
                    Translating 1 Thessalonians Clause by Clause by William Varner
                    Translating 2 Peter Clause by Clause by Herbert W. Bateman IV
                    Translating Romans Clause by Clause
by Will Johnson
                    Translating 1 Corinthians Clause by Clause
 by Michael Burer
                        Translating 2 Corinthians Clause by Clause by Michael Burer
                    Translating Hebrews Clause by Clause by Herbert W. Bateman IV 




An Exegetical Guide for Interpreting the General Letters (2013)

Kerux Commentary on Hebrews a Commentary for Preaching Teaching (2021)Big Greek Idea Commentary on James (2022)

Big Greek Idea Commentary on John's Letters (2018)

Evangelical Exegetical Commentary on Jude (2015, 2017)