Herbert W. Bateman IV
Ph.D New Testament Studies
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Founder Dr. Herbert W. Bateman IV

Recipent of the Who's Who Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award (2021), Dr. Herbert W. Bateman IV is an American New Testament scholar from Camden County New Jersey. A graduate of Cairn University, where he opted to complete his third year of undergraduate study at the Jerusalem University College, Israel; Bateman earned a four year Masters of Theology and a subsequent Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary, where his 1993 doctoral dissertation was awarded the William M. Anderson Scholarship Award for maintaining the highest standards of excellence throughout the Ph.D. program. Since then he has completed postdoctoral studies at the University of Notre Dame.


Professor Bateman began his teaching career in 1986 as an instructor at Dallas Theological Seminary’s "Lay Institute" program and New Testament Teacher’s Assistant. He was later hired as a adjunct professor for the school’s extension campuses in Houston and San Antonio, Texas, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1993–1995). Over the years, Bateman has taught at Liberty University Baptist Seminary in Lynchburg, VA; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX; Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN; Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL; Taylor University in Upland, IN; Tyndale Theological Seminary in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines, and Vietnam Theological University, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam. In August 2013, Bateman founded the Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies in Northern Indiana, which is an internet resource website that promotes the reading, studying, teaching, and preaching of the Bible. Professor Bateman's primary field of expertise has been interpreting and preaching New Testament books by interacting with the Greek text (especially Mark, Philippians, Hebrews, James, the Petrine letters, John's letters, and Jude) with a secondary expertise and emphasis in the history and literature of the second temple period.


Dr. Bateman has published eighteen books and numerous articles and book reviews. A sampling of his books are James: An Exegetical Guide for Preaching and Teaching co-authored with William Verner in the Big Greek Idea series (2022), Hebrews: Commentary for Preaching and Teaching co-authored with Steven W. Smith in the Kerux Commentary series (2021), John's Letters: An Exegetical Guide for Preaching and Teaching co-authored with Pastor Aaron C. Peer in the Big Greek Idea series (2018), Understanding the GospelsA Guide for Preaching and Teaching co-edited with Benjamin I. Simpson
(2017), Translating 1 John Clause by Clause in the eBooks for Translating the New Testament Series co-authored with Aaron C. Peer (2017), a commentary on Jude for the Evangelical Critical Commentary series (2015), Interpreting the General Letters: An Exegetical Guide in Kregel’s Exegetical Handbook Series (2013), Jesus the Messiah: Tracing the Promises, Expectations, and Coming of Israel's King co-authored with Darrell L. Bock and Gordon H. Johnston (2012), Interpreting the Psalms for Preaching and Teaching, co-edited with D. Brent Sandy (2010), and others. Kregel Publications has been a principle partner in Bateman’s publishing activities. His current project is translating Hebrews, 1 and 2 Peter and serving as editor of the general letters for the New Tyndale Version of the Bible.

As an active member of The Evangelical Theological Society, Bateman has served in numerous leadership roles for the society’s regional meetings. The most notable roles are President of the Southwest Region of the Evangelical Theological Society (2012-13), President of the Midwest Region of the Evangelical Theological Society twice (2001-02; 2006-07), and four years as Secretary/Treasure for the Midwest Region of the Evangelical Theological Society (2002-06). As an active participant at the Annual National Meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society, Bateman has chaired the General Epistles Consultation Study Group, co-chaired the Hebrews Study Group, and served on several other committees. He has also served as Program Chair for six annual Let's Know the Bible Conferences (2014–2019) as part of the Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies.

Currently, Bateman is happily retired after
 over forty years of church and graduate level teaching experience (1978–2020). Yet, d
uring a partial retirement phase of life (2013–2020), Bateman founded the Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies, produced videos, wrote books, preached, spoke at conferences, taught overseas, and organized conferences. He also worked part-time as Kregel's acquisitions and Kerux Commentary editor. In 2020, Bateman retired from working part-time for Kregel Publications and now limits his activities to preach occasionally, to finish a few writing projects, and to maintain the Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies website monthly. 

As a follower of Jes
us, Bateman’s allegiance is first to Jesus and thereby comfortable in any denominational or non-denominational church affiliation as long as God is worshiped, Jesus is King and the Bible preached. His flexibility has enabled him to attend and serve in Baptist, Presbyterian, Grace Brethren, and Independent Bible Churches. Through the years, Bateman has served in numerous local church leadership roles ranging from interim pastor, youth pastor, elder, and chair of Christian education. He has also served as administrator of a coffee house ministry, small group ministry, Logos children’s ministry, and vacation Bible school. He received his ordination from a non-denominational Bible church in Pennsauken, New Jersey, and is certified to teach Evangelical Training Association (E.T.A.) material in the local church and mission field. 

In 1978, Herb and Cindy Ann Bateman (nee Ohner) were married. Cindy, former Vice President of Marketing at Lake City Bank of Indiana where she worked for twenty-three years is retired. Herb and Cindy have a daughter, Leah.

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 Curriculum Vitae with Pictures (not as exhaustive)


An Exegetical Guide for Interpreting the General Letters (2013)

Kerux Commentary on Hebrews a Commentary for Preaching Teaching (2021)Big Greek Idea Commentary on James (2022)

Big Greek Idea Commentary on John's Letters (2018)

Evangelical Exegetical Commentary on Jude (2015, 2017)